The day it all began... - by Maggie Pope

Updated: Jul 23

I still remember the day it all started. I was leaving a meeting and knew right then and there that I wanted to start a new girls’ lacrosse club in Columbus. I could not do it alone, so I called the only two other ladies that I could imagine going on this adventure with – Megan Noone and Kaela Smith – and their responses were exactly the same. We are in!

For the next four days, we talked through everything. First and foremost, we needed a name! A tempest is a violent, windy storm; one that causes an uproar. Yep, that sounded exactly right for the adventure we were about to embark on!

We all played throughout high school and college; and have all been coaching for a long time – both on the club scene and at local high schools. We wanted to use our experiences to help shape the new brand. We reminisced about our favorite coaches from our past and what we liked, disliked and wanted to change about the teams we had been a part of. What we found was that our best memories shared the same foundation; which easily became the core values we chose to build Tempest Lacrosse upon.

Next – colors, logo, business registration, insurance, website, social media – our to-do list was pages and pages long.

We decided to create a team culture built on family but focused on individuality. Yes, playing well together is paramount to any successful team, but appreciating each player as an individual and recognizing their strengths and what they have to offer comes way before that. All three of us could name that coach from our past who knew everything about us and coached us the way we needed to be coached. More than anything, we want to be that coach for the players in our program.

Tempest Lacrosse was officially born on July 15th, 2019.

Tempest is so much more to us than just lacrosse. We coach because we want to give back to the game that provided – and continues to provide - so much to each of us. For me, I wouldn’t be where I am today without lacrosse. I owe so much of my life and experiences to the game that it is only appropriate that I continue to give back. Plus, I love it.

During the first week of practice, I found myself just smiling. I looked around; at the extremely talented girls that decided to go on this journey with us; at our coaches who we are so very lucky to have; and at the athletic family we have started to build. We did this and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!



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