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elite teams

Tempest Lacrosse offers Elite Teams at the National and Regional levels.  National teams consist of the top players and attend more competitive tournaments.  Regional teams are all mixed-year teams that attend local tournaments.  All players trying out are evaluated for both teams.  Spots are offered based on skill, lax IQ, effort and attitude.


There is a focus on creating an environment of growth that pushes our players out of their comfort zones and capitalizes on their strengths. A strong foundation is crucial in any sport and practices are  where the majority of progress as a player occurs. In order to complete the most we possibly can in each practice we expect our girls to come prepared, focused and willing to be coached. We will continue to elevate the level of coaching to the ability of our teams and not limit the potential.  This comes with working hard at practice but also becoming used to doing the small maintenance work on your own time.

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