All clinics will be held at Star Sports (6124 Busch Blvd, Columbus, OH).  Each clinic is $35.  Fall dates to be confirmed.  REGISTRATION will be opening soon!


date TBD

Proper defensive positioning is critical for all players across the field.  This clinic will hone in on footwork for players through ladders, cone drills and small-sided match ups.

dodges & shooting - SESSION I

date tbd

Dodges will be taught to take your game to the next level.  Movements will be broken down into basic concepts to make you more explosive and unpredictable as you go to goal.


date tbd

This clinic will focus on the techniques involved in draw control.  Movements and motions will be broken down and mastered, then put back together for live-action competition.


date tbd

Players will work on triple threat positioning and numerous fundamentals developing both hands. We want you to be able to catch and throw 360 degrees around your body.

Goalies are instructed to help take their game to the next level. This session will focus on body position, reaction, communication, 1 v1, leadership, proper mechanics, and angle play.


date tbd

defensive footwork & positioning - session ii

date tbd

Session II will draw off of concepts taught in the first session and build upon them.  Master footwork, positioning and proper checking technique for positions across the field.

dodges & shooting - session II

date tbd

This clinic will draw on concepts from the first session and will help you master the footwork and agility for each dodge.  Put it all together and learn how to shake your defender as you go to goal.

draws & groundball extravaganza

date tbd

This clinic will continue to focus on draw control technique and how to gain possession.  Ground ball technique will be taught for guaranteed dominance on the circle and across the field.

coming soon


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