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Our philosophy is to provide all Tempest Rise lacrosse players with a positive and fun learning environment with an emphasis on the fundamental aspects of the game.  It is our belief that fun, enjoyment, and the love of the game remains ​the most important element for success.  We believe there is potential in all youth.  The developmental age of the athlete is taken into consideration with regards to the content and delivery of each session.  Our athletes will be challenged and learn how to RISE up to these challenges.  This experience will lead to raised self-esteem, confidence and most importantly, experience the fun and enjoyment of lacrosse.


At Tempest, we believe in a 5-Step Focus to a well-rounded youth lacrosse player.​

  • FUNDAMENTALS: Training Tempest Rise players to build their foundation.

  • TEAM MINDSET: Having an essential role within in the team.

  • POSITION-SPECIFIC: Strategies, proper movement/positioning, lax IQ and skills.

  • DECISION MAKING: Utilizing small-sided games and game scenarios to understand options.

  • INTANGIBLES: Leadership qualities, self-confidence, mental game, how to hustle, coachability, healthy competitive spirit and being positive.


Tempest Rise practice plans will follow the youth development model outlined above and focus on fundamental skill building, concept-focused drills and small-sided games.  Practices are designed to be challenging and fun!  Each player should walk away from their Tempest Rise experience with growth in each of the following aspects:

  • Skill training/development

  • Rule knowledge and game IQ

  • Proper positioning and footwork

  • Self-confidence

  • Love for the game

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