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We are 100% women owned and operated by former college players and current coaches.  We focus on each individual player and recognize that no two players are the same.  We strive for a fast, confident level of play among our athletes and aim to set the bar higher for ourselves each day.  

how are practices run? Where will they be held?

Our practices are high-energy and fast-paced.  You will often see our coaches jumping into drills to explain and show concepts.  Our coaches will assess daily to tailor practices to best suit each individual and strengthen the team as a whole.

Indoor winter practices will be held at Stars Indoor Sports.

Outdoor practices will be held at Heritage Park in Westerville.

how are teams selected?

Our coaching staff's evaluations will determine your team placement. See 'Information' under the Elite Teams dropdown for more information.

once i make a tempest lacrosse team, do i need to tryout each year?

Yes, all players, including players previously on Tempest Lacrosse elite teams, must try out each year to determine team placement. Our tryouts are always open to all athletes interested in playing.

my daughter plays other sports, can she still play for tempest lacrosse?

We appreciate the multi-sport athlete and encourage players to continue playing the sports they love. We hope Tempest lacrosse is your daughter's priority during the summer season in order for our program to be successful.

how do you assist in the recruiting process?

At Tempest Lacrosse we support each player in her quest to play beyond the high school level, helping her match academic and athletic goals in the college selection process.  We attend tournaments and showcases that are focused on maximizing exposure to college lacrosse coaches. Each Tempest lacrosse player will have a recruiting profile through our website if they wish and have access to recruiting seminars and workshops throughout the year. Your family will be assigned a recruiting coordinator to help you through the exciting process.  


All girls will be assigned a recruiting coordinator (one of the founders of Tempest Lacrosse) once they enter high school play.  They will have experience in the recruiting process, contact rules and NCAA regulations.  Currently, the rules for recruiting limit what coaches and players can/can't do during the summer after their freshman year, however, we feel that is when the conversation needs to begin (if it hasn't already).  The coordinator will discuss with the player and their family the "must-haves" and the definitely "no's" to help create, and then narrow down the list of schools of interest.  We will assist in the steps to take BEFORE the tournaments as well as the follow-up, and recommendations for additional ways to be seen through clinics and prospect days.  The coordinator will stay with you and your family through your time with Tempest Lacrosse.  


At the middle school level, there are very strict rules related to recruiting.  It is our goal to attend tournaments that will foster team growth as well as individual player development.  Our tournaments at this level vary in difficulty and work to prepare the players for the next level of competition when they reach high school.


At the high school level, all the tournaments we will be attending are nationally known recruiting showcases.  These tournaments draw hundreds of college coaches across all divisions.  We review our tournament selection strategy before registrations open up in August and aim to balance locations and competition levels to reach as many coaches as possible.  Our players are a combination of D1, D2 & D3 athletes and want to have coaches from all divisions able to see our teams.

do you have any OFF SEASON offerings?

All players who make a team will have optional indoor winter practices on Saturday or Sunday mornings at Star Sports.  Middle School will practice together and High School will practice together.  These practices will allow the girls to meet their teammates and begin to work together.  

Offseason clinics will also be made available for Tempest players and the general public in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  These will be position-focused.  Clinic offerings will be finalized and posted for registration throughout the year.

what will you be offering for goalies?

For goalies, it is our intent to get them the most amount of reps possible during any practice session.  All goalies will warm up at the beginning of practice, but instead of going through individually, they will be warmed up by multiple coaches at the same time.  They will then break off to work on technique with the goalie coach and other goalies (footwork, handwork, stepping, speed, pressure situations, clearing, etc).  This will happen while the rest of their team is working on stick skills.  They will rejoin their team after their goalie technique session and use the rest of practice in game-like drills, scenarios and scrimmaging with their teams.  The goalie coach will rotate around and pull the goalies individually if needed. 

In addition to practice sessions, we will have goalie-specific training during our offseason practice sessions clinics.

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